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Website Design Gallery

Fortris 1-2-3 offers so much more than website templates. While many other template services offer bland solutions, Fortris 1-2-3’s website designs are unique and engaging. Here is our current selection of website design templates:

The color, type and images chosen for the samples below, are for demonstration purposes only. Your finished website will use a color and type system based on your suggestions, and the input of our professional web designers. You can supply the custom images, or we will search through millions of stock images to find just the right look and feel for your new site.

New New New
Design : NT110823

Design : NT110824

Design : NT110825

Design : R05AA
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Design : RN100118
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Design : S05DA
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Design : RN80415
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Design : RN80416
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Design : RN80417

Design : RN80418
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Design : RN80419
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Design : RN80420

Design : RN90101

Design : RN90102

Design : RN90103
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Our Web Design Gallery:

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

OneFind a design template
that you like.

TwoClick on the "inquire" button and fill in your contact information.

ThreeA Fortris 1-2-3 representative will call you within 24 hours.

The samples on the web design gallery page are set at a low resolution, and not "at-size." Your final design will be crystal clear, and large enough to fit on the typical setting for a laptop computer screen or larger.

Fortris 1-2-3 semi-custom website designs are much more, because the creative and marketing process doesn't stop when you pick a sample to the left... it just begins there.

The problem with most web page template mills (sites that have thousands of templates for sale), is that unless you want exactly what you see in the template, you still have to find a professional to customize it for you.

Most of the website templates we found were too basic and didn't offer any type of appealing user experience. Site visitors expect a doctor's office website to look professional, a florist's web site to look bright, and a restaurant's website to look appetizing. If a website's colors, text, navigation and images do not support the visitor's basic perception of the business, they may dismiss the site and the business within a few seconds of landing on the page.

Other half web page templates we found were too complex and contained far more pages and links to information than a typical business owner has ever written or thought about. Membership login areas, employee directories, newsletter sign-up boxes, and video viewing areas, just to name a few.

Those things are great additions to a website... if you have them. But there's nothing worse than clicking on a link that reads "watch our videos," only to find a "coming soon" page, or having space on your home page to list the names and email addresses of all 20 of your employees, when your company only has five! It makes the site feel incomplete, and risks visitors feeling that your business is not quite ready.

Through our parent company, Fortris Corp., we have created hundreds of custom websites over the years for large and small businesses alike, and have fine tuned the samples you see on this page with small and medium sized businesses in mind.

We build our own website "templates," and then customize them to meet your specific business' marketing needs and style.

At other template mills, what you see is what you get. At Fortris 1-2-3, picking a sample is just a starting point. Once you have provided us with information about your business, content for the pages, logos, images, and color preferences, we start hand altering the website design "template" of your choice into a complete, professional looking website.

Take a quick look at some of our "live" online semi-custom websites, and you'll quickly discover that what you get at Fortris 1-2-3 is much more than "just" a website design template.

Get the custom attention for pre-designed prices that your business deserves today! Just drop us an email or give us a call today. We're here to help, and will always respond to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.

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