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Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimization:

Recognizing that the Internet has become one of the largest and most affordable advertising media, Fortris focuses heavily on search engine results, tailoring each search engine marketing campaign to your specific practice’s geographic area and desired demographic. A well thought out and effective search engine campaign can draw significant, targeted traffic to your site. Along with traditional search engine marketing, we excel in new Internet marketing techniques such as Web 2.0/social marketing and tap a vast array of knowledge and online resources to make your practice stand out.

Our first step will analyze your website, providing a detailed report on deficiencies that may be holding you back from top search engine results. We will then track the quantity and quality of the hits you are currently receiving, giving you a snapshot of your website’s performance. We will continue to track these results as we update your site, presenting you with reports as you need them. Search engine marketing is progressive, and as such, we offer both one-time fee and ongoing packages.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing, or SMM, is an innovative form of relationship based advertising utilizing blogs, social networking sites, video websites, forums and wikis to offer the average company a direct line of communication with their patients, customers or clients. Indeed, it has revolutionized how businesses can communicate with their stakeholders by allowing for more personal and more targeted marketing. Social media marketing can become a low cost and effective part of a company’s overall marketing plan with proper implementation.

The sheer number of users and the ability to tailor campaigns to people’s wants and needs with a professionally designed social media strategy, allows unparalleled results to fit any budget. Social media also offers search engine benefits, driving traffic to your existing website. Other benefits include:

• A low-cost way to communicate with customers.
• A way to learn about your customers/patients and their needs.
• A direct line to customers at a forum in which customers feel comfortable.
• Quick feedback and as a result quick responses to that feedback.
• A great source of market research.
• A way to distribute news and information
  immediately and without the cost of postage.

Printing, Graphic Design and Identity Design:

Create or enhance your brand with Fortris’ full service line of print based products. Fortris offers extensive graphic design, branding and printing options, including, but not limited to, designing and printing business cards, stationery, brochures and logos of all shapes and sizes. We can use these as a strong foundation for a larger branding or public relations campaign utilizing other image enhancing tools on an ongoing basis. Fortris’s full, comprehensive scope allows us to take your project from the first, to the final phase of production.

Mass Marketing, Promotional Material and Advertising:

Fortris provides effective mass media tools for your company to gain visibility in the local, regional or national marketplace. We can design, print and implement bulk mailers, e-mail campaigns and create novelties, such as interactive CD-ROMs and custom merchandise. Also use us for all of your television and radio spots. From deciding placement, negotiating pricing and implementing the campaign we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Consulting Services:

Fortris can provide consultants for almost any industry to work with you on an ongoing basis, to create, implement and track any advertising campaign. We are efficiency experts and will be sure to find the most effective advertising campaign per dollar expended.


Fortris is proud to offer FortrisCart, an extensive custom shopping cart solution for any business, large or small. The basic cart integrated into a website design will be fully functional and compatible with such payment gateways as and Paypal. Custom additions, tailored to your business’s specific needs, are also available.


Our parent company Fortris Corp. offers fully custom designed websites, photography, application development, SEO services, business marketing and consulting solutions to meet your needs.

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